Trevor Bauer's nasty thumb

Trevor Bauer’s nasty thumb

Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer got pulled after his pinky finger was bleeding, and he was removed from the game due to the foreign substance rule.  Blood.  According to Bauer, his finger was injured during routine maintenance of a drone…What is routine, changing batteries?

The Blue Jays fan who threw that beer can at the Orioles outfielder left his job.  41 year old Ken Pagan worked for a newspaper as a copy editor.  The strange twist, it was his own newspaper that put out a reward for anyone who could I.D. the guy who threw the beer on the field.

An Ontario judge put an end to this last-minute effort to attempt to stop the Cleveland Indians from using their team name and “Chief Wahoo” logo during Monday’s night playoff game in Toronto.  .

The Dodgers are accusing Ben Zobrist of the Cubs for stealing signs from catcher Yasmani Grandal.

“I think it’s hilarious,” Zobrist said Monday afternoon. “No, I was not stealing signs. But I appreciate him thinking my baseball IQ is that high.

I almost got into a fight with another coach on a little league team because I was stealing signs.  Hey, I had to send a message!

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