Right after undecided voter Kenneth Bone asked his question at the Presidential Debate held at Wash U. right here in Missouri, I predicted on my Monday The Bill Pollock Show that this would be the hot Halloween costume of the year.  Instead of predicting, I should have gotten off my lazy tookus and created the dumb costume myself.  Oh, it’s not a costume for men, but for women!

I’ll tell you why this isn’t really a good idea for you for this year’s party.

Max Scherzer grew up in Chesterfield and played for the Missouri Tigers.  A former first round draft pick in 2006, Scherzer is a four-time All-star and Cy Young Award winner.  After taking a loss in Game 1 of the NLDS against the Dodgers, Scherzer is back home in Washington to start Game 5 against Rich Hill.  Scherzer calls it the biggest start of his life.

Jamaal Charles gained just seven yards on two carries in his debut almost two weeks ago for the Chiefs at Pittsburgh.  Charles says the training wheels are off and he’s 100% and plans to play a bigger role on the field.  Charles, over his last 19 games over the past two seasons, is averaging a touchdown per game.  If he returns to that running back, that is good news for the Chiefs.

You thought it was all bad news for Donald Trump with his locker room talk.  Billy Bush may be on the chopping block.  We throw in Hollywood gossip.

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