If you are going to Trash Tweet on Twitter…you better be able to handle it when the tables are turned.

I’m in a very unique position as Sports Director at Missourinet when it comes to baseball.  Since I cover the Royals and the Cardinals the success both teams have had over the last few years has made my job enjoyable.  I think about how I could be forced to cover two teams that are perennial losers, but with the Cardinals and now with the Royals putting together four seasons of winning baseball, I’m lucky.

I’m also in the unique position of being a native Chicagoan and lifelong Cubs fan, so I took to Twitter and reached out to Cardinals fans, where a majority of my followers come from.  Here in Missouri, St. Louis fans have the end all-be all argument about who the better team is…all you have to say is 11-to-2, but I thought I’d had more fuel to the fire.

As I watched Game 4 of the Cubs-Giants series unfold last night, I looked at the statistics of Jason Heyward and the pitching performance of John Lackey, struggling to finish four innings and I sent out the following tweet with the Cubs down 5-2 and the prospects of playing a Game 5 looming.


Well, as you can imagine the tweets started pouring in from Cubs fans after their stunning four-run ninth inning rally and 6-5 win over the Giants to push them into the NLCS.

However, I’m taking it all in good stride. Listen to my Podcast, no matter what team you cheer for, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate.