More than 700 students crowd the Danforth University Center to watch debate on video screens

On the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, the site of the hostile second presidential debate Sunday night, observers inside and outside of the debate hall had mixed reactions.

Liam Mardis, a student from Creve Coeur was among 700 watching at the main student activities center. He says Trump won – and will support him despite newly-revealed crude sexual comments made by the candidate.

Meghal Sheth is an out-of-state student registered to vote in Missouri. She says she was “at a loss for words at what she heard” on the debate stage.

Longtime Republican Kate Stacey from St. Louis was in the debate audience.  She spoke with Ashley Byrd

Todd Hollins from St. Louis was also member of audience Sunday night. He says he’s a Clinton supporter but wanted to hear more from both candidates.

Student Vihar Desu, a registered voter is lukewarm about either candidate:

Thousands of students attended campus watch parties to wrap up a busy week of media events at the university in Forest Park area of St. Louis.

Earlier in the day, student observers and activists crowded a courtyard and park area in the middle of campus, with displys representing Black Lives Matter and the Iranian Cultural Society to patriotic photo booths and Polyamorists 4 Trump.

“This is a very liberal campus,” said one student, perhaps explaining why there was one person at the College Republicans table.


WashU College Republicans focusing on local and statewide ballots instead of Trump.

College Republicans officer Lilly Werm says its because the 50-person club does not support Trump.

“He does not align with our values,” she says, “we can’t have a leader that acts like that.”