Shepard Smith of Fox News told everyone in Florida to leave so he wouldn't miss a family wedding.

Shepard Smith of Fox News told everyone in Florida to leave so he wouldn’t miss a family wedding.

Welcome to my podcast…The Bill Pollock Show, one of the best podcasts you will listen to, because I sprinkle in news, sports and entertainment and  I don’t expect you to agree with all my opinions, but I will make you think.

I don’t produce one of these podcasts that rambles for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  I knock this stuff out in 12 minutes.  OK, today is a minute and a half longer because as I was giving my college football predictions and I realized I picked LSU to beat Florida…and they’re not playing…so on the fly I called an audible and picked another game.

Today, I talk about hurricane news coverage…I thought Shepard Smith of Fox News gave the best reporting of Hurricane Matthew.  He was so over the top dramatic, it was like he was sticking it to his bosses who were calling for “MORE DRAMA!!!  GIVE US MORE DRAMA THAN CNN!”

Joe Buck, you either love him or hate him.  He admits hair plugs nearly cost him his career when his vocal cord was paralyzed.

Former Mizzou quarterback Blaine Gabbert was your last hope of never needing to see Colin Kaepernick play again and he screwed it up last night.  Plus, I tell you the real reason fans are not watching the NFL as much as they used to.

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