Donuts and coffee...we all freak out if we can't get our favorite donut or cup of Joe.

Donuts and coffee…we all freak out if we can’t get our favorite donut or cup of Joe.

In honor on National Coffee Day, I’d like to talk about donuts.  What???

Believe me, it all ties in.  Jefferson City had a donut shop out of Springfield stop by and people waited for over an hour.  I realize it was for charity, but waiting over an hour?  A donut is a donut.

Apparently, several hundred people disagree with me.

However, this is coming from the same town that took shuttle buses to an Arby’s when it first opened up in town.  (So take it for what it’s worth).

Yes, the gods of baseball played a cruel trick on the Cardinals, but before you fans start bashing your team for not being able to pull off a win, let me remind you about a win against the Reds in August…everything evens out folks!

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