By Brad Tregnago and Hank Koebler of KSSZ

Campus police are now looking at their body cam footage and other evidence, after reports of racism at the University of Missouri. A group of black students says at least two white students yelled racial slurs at them this week near the Delta Upsilon fraternity house.

MU Interim Chancellor Hank Foley

MU Interim Chancellor Hank Foley

Interim chancellor Hank Foley says he was disappointed and a little angry when he heard about it.

“99.999% of our students get it…but you can’t prevent these things from happening. All you can try to do is sort of handle them after the fact, and make sure that you do the right thing.”

The Delta Upsilon chapter at Mizzou has been suspended from campus activities. That would include Homecoming.

Foley says campus administrators are now better prepared than they were during last fall’s racial demonstrations, which led to the resignation of UM System President Tim Wolfe.

“We have thought about these things ahead of time. We have even practiced, if you will, for some of these things, what our response will be. And I feel like our team is doing a really good job with this one,” Foley says.

Interim chancellor Hank Foley says he had one message for students.

“Don’t let the haters win, all right? You’re here to get an education. You’re here to better yourself. Don’t get bogged down in this.”

New data from MUPD came out this week showing a big spike in reported hate crimes last year compared to the previous two years. Campus police investigated 11 reported hate crimes, with three of them unfounded. That’s compared to one reported hate crime in 2014, and three in 2013.