The University of Missouri Review Commission meets again Tuesday morning at Missouri S&T in Rolla.

Kevin McDonald (Photo courtesy of the University of Missouri)

Kevin McDonald (Photo courtesy of the University of Missouri)

The Commission will hear a presentation from MU Interim Vice Chancellor for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Dr. Kevin McDonald. Commission member Renee Hulshof attended Dr. McDonald’s press conference earlier this month in Columbia, and has diversity questions.

“It was not my time (on September 13) to give voice to those, but Tuesday is my opportunity to ask some questions and seek some clarification on what exactly the University is going to be doing with those efforts,” Hulshof says.

Dr. McDonald spoke at the September 13 news conference, along with Mizzou Interim Chancellor Hank Foley, Interim UM System President Mike Middleton and UM Board of Curators Chair Pam Henrickson. They announced that day that the University of Missouri is devoting an additional $1 million to increase diversity among its faculty. That’s on top of the already $1.3 million budgeted to recruit and retain minority faculty this academic year. Dr. McDonald says the school wants to double the number of minority faculty by 2020.

The University of Missouri Review Commission is reviewing the UM System’s rules, regulations, administrative structure, campus structure, degree programs and diversity programs. The Commission has been asked to submit a report to the Legislature by December 31.

Hulshof is still hopeful they can receive a deadline extension, saying it’s far too soon for her to begin making any recommendations. Hulshof tells Missourinet you cannot go forward, “until you know where you’ve been.”

“What does our disability community look like, what does our ethnicity look like, what does our gender population look like? Some of that I can get my hands on, some of it I cannot,” Hulshof says.

Hulshof also notes the Commission has no staff. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (D) withheld $750,000 in state funding for the Commission this summer, citing less-than-projected revenue growth for the last fiscal year. The funding was aimed at providing Commission members with resources from outside staff.

The Commission was established under a Senate concurrent resolution sponsored by State Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia). Schaefer said this year that the future of the UM System was unclear, without some oversight.

The Commission meets Tuesday morning at 10 at Missouri S&T in Rolla. Hulshof describes Missouri S&T as a “magnificent school” and says she hopes to get a tour.