Usually my podcast is more than just sports, but I have a loyal follower on Twitter who tweeted this yesterday:

@missourisports the #thebilllpollockshow is great! Just um talk some sports 🙂

So that’s what today’s podcast is all about…just for you MidMoMan…just for today!

A win for St. Louis football fans. The Rams must give season tickets to some fans in St. Louis who bought personal seat licenses after a judge ruled those PSLs are still valid even though the team is in LA. The Rams must also offer refunds to others who bought PSLs, because there were two different types of contracts that were issued. Here’s one final chance for St. Louis football fans to stick it to the Rams.

St. Louis, San Francisco, and New York all tied in the National League…Toronto, Baltimore, Detroit and Houston in the American League. Major League Baseball did it right with the wild card…great way to finish the season.

Texans-Patriots tonight…if New England wins this game with their third string QB against that Texans defense than Bill Belicheck is a frickin’ genius.

Finally, Steve Spurrier says he’s thrilled his high school is naming its field after him.  The dude hasn’t been back since 1962…he could care less.