Here's the new Billiken (photo/SLU Athletics)

Here’s the new Billiken (photo/SLU Athletics)

Saint Louis University updated their mascot, the Billiken.  Of course, because something is new and different, most want to take shots at it and call it “scary, unsettling, hungry for your soul.”

I actually kind of like it.

It has kind of a Muppets feel to it.  How can you not like the Muppets?

SLU president Fred Pestello told the St. Louis Post Dispatch that the students were looking “for a Billiken that was a little more contemporary. More aggressive looking, but still smiling and giving that knowing wink.”

It’s a little edgier, you don’t see the huge honking ears, he doesn’t look like a pushover and still has some of the traditional features of the Billiken.

First of all…the Billiken is a mythical character, so it’s totally up for personal intrepretation…it’s a made up character, it’s not like we’re looking at a goofy version of an Eagle or Tiger.  However, if you look at this new Billliken, compared to the old one below…THAT THING FREAKS ME OUT!

How does this not creep you out? (photo/SLU Athletics)

How did this not creep you out? (photo/SLU Athletics)


To get more specific on what exactly is a Billiken–its a mythical good-luck figure who represents “things as they ought to be.”

That thing to the right doesn’t look like lucky to me.  Imagining walking into a room full of stuffed animals and there’s the old Billiken head right in the middle of cute teddy bears and other furry animals.  That’s a nightmare!

The old Billiken is crossed eye, has a receding hairline and appears to be toothless with a recessed lip line.

Is this Frat Party Billiken? (photo/SLU Athletics)

Is this Frat Party Billiken? (photo/SLU Athletics)

If you go even further back to the Billiken of the 80’s…this thing looks like he showed up to a Mascot’s track and field event on Saturday morning after going on an all-night bender and then ended the night at three in the morning with a fight in the alley and now his right eye is swollen shut!

So I ask you Billiken fans?  Would you rather have, drunk-bar fight Billiken, creep me out stuffed animal Billiken, or the new Billiken?

I think the new Billiken is kind of cool!