Drew Lock leads the SEC in passing yards, but don’t let the numbers fool you.  Now there are some who are claiming that by the end of the season that Lock may be the best quarterback in the conference.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Believe me, I’m a big fan of Lock…I was the first time I saw him throw a pass in person.

He still has a lot to learn and there may be struggles still with this offense.  He needs to work on his progressions and his footwork still, (he admits that), but its looking like the Tigers don’t have much of a run game if they keep relying on Ish Witter.

On my podcast, The Bill Pollock Show (which is also available on iTunes), I talk more about Mizzou football.

However, as you’re becoming a new listener to the Podcast you know I share my thoughts on other things…so I touch on other things–such as what is and what isn’t terrorism?  Marcia Clark…she had one of the easiest jobs and screwed it up and now she’s still living off her celebrity status and she was a big failure.  Plus Emmy’s talk.

Give a listen…I cram all that in less than 11 minutes and I have some SEC stats below.

Passing Yards

Drew Lock, QB 1106
Chad Kelly, QB 953
Trevor Knight, QB 830
Luke Del Rio, QB 762
Austin Allen, QB 655
Receiving Yards
J’Mon Moore, WR 320
Isaiah McKenzie, WR 305
Evan Engram, TE 302
Josh Reynolds, WR 229
Calvin Ridley, WR 219
Arden Key, DE 5
Jabari Zuniga, DL 4
A.J. Jefferson, DL 3
Charles Harris, DE 3
Jonathan Allen, DL 3
J.D. Harmon, CB 2
Quincy Mauger, S 2
Aarion Penton, DB 2
Blake McClain, DB 2
Justin Evans, DB 2

Stats courtesy-SEC, ESPN