Attacks in three states over the weekend have some on edge. An explosive injured 29 people in New York City. Three pipe bombs were detonated in a garbage can in New Jersey, but no one was hurt. A suspect believed to be connected to explosions in both of those states was arrested after firing gun shots at police. An ISIS follower stabbed nine people in Minnesota. He was shot and killed by police.

John Ashcroft

John Ashcroft

Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft (R-Missouri) tells Missourinet he wants to strengthen the bond of trust and respect between law enforcement officers and citizens.

“The tragic events of this last weekend with terrorism have in some ways been limited and restricted in their impact by alert citizens,” says Ashcroft. “The woman in New York alerting authorities to pressure cooker bombs. Individuals in New Jersey alerting authorities to an awareness they had of a person who seemed suspicious and out of place.”

Ashcroft has been appointed to serve as the Chairman of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, a non-profit organization that promotes officer safety and honors officers.

He says the organization is working to improve the relationship between officers and the community.

Ashcroft says 41 officers have been shot and killed this year, including fourteen police ambush attacks. Five officers were killed in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge.

“We must end this senseless violence before more lives are lost. This effort is one of the Memorial Fund’s top priorities, and it has my full commitment,” says Ashcroft.

Ashcroft served as the 79th Attorney General of the United States (2001-2005) under President George W. Bush. Prior to his service as Attorney General, he served as Attorney General of Missouri (1976-1985), as Governor of Missouri (1985-1993), and as U.S. Senator from Missouri (1995-2001).