OK, time for you to give a listen and check out my podcast.  It’s more than just sports.

A 34-year old yoga instructor was proud of her recent enhancements and she showed them off at a bar mitzvah.  Mom’s weren’t too happy, but the woman was found not guilty of all charges.

Jonah Hill storms out of France, because he can’t take a joke.

I’m 5-2 with my college football picks and 4-0 in the NFL.  I’ll give you my can’t miss selections.  No stopping Bama, Irish get lucky and I’m not sold on Carson Wentz of the Eagles.

New Mizzou athletic director Jim Sterk stopped by our offices on Thursday.  I had to ask him…why did you leave San Diego?  He says he can help make a difference.

All of this in less than 12 minutes…If you can’t take sarcasm…then listener discretion is advised.