University of Missouri Athletic Director Jim Sterk stopped by the Learfield offices in Jefferson City to tour the facilities where each Mizzou football and basketball broadcast is distributed statewide.  We held a little reception for him and of the 75 employees that crammed into our entertainment suite, you think one of us would have thought to snap a pic or take a selfie with Sterk?

Look, this is a laid back interview from my end.  I don’t grill him on how he expects Mizzou to compete in the SEC, what he’s going to do with Kim Anderson.  It’s a chance to get to know Sterk as a person and his bigger vision for Missouri.

Sterk’s got a great personality, but when I had my microphone in front of him, he focused on getting his message across, which was very similar to his introductory press conference.  I still feel like he’s trying to find his way here in Missouri, but I think the athletic department has found someone who will stabilize and get this university back on its feet in the SEC.

Listen our visit (10:00)