Royals fans took to Twitter to bash manager Ned Yost for his decision to bring Joakim Soria into the game with two outs in the eighth inning and a 3-2 lead over the Oakland A’s.

If you’re one of those fans asking “Why does Ned keep going to Soria in key situations?” the answer is simple.  He doesn’t have many options.

Soria gave up the lead with a two-run, two-out double as the Royals lost 5-4 to Oakland on Tuesday night.

If there is a finger to point blame towards, it should be in the direction of the GM, not Yost.  Plus, his options were limited last night.

The Royals rolled through September and postseason with having Herrera, Davis and Holland. For good measure Ned could throw Luke Hochevar out there who had 14 holds in 2015.

Well, Holland is gone, Hochevar hasn’t pitched since the end of July and Davis has spent time on the DL.  Yost can only go with the players he has on a roster that has been built by Dayton Moore.

Yost didn’t have Davis available, who threw over 50 pitches in saves on Saturday and Sunday and Yost held back Herrera for the ninth.

The pitch that Yonder Alonso hit off Soria to give the A’s the lead wasn’t that bad of a pitch.  It was a changeup low and away that Alonso was able to poke over the head of Dyson in center.

In the end, Soria suffered his seventh blown save of the season.

“The whole season has been weird,” Soria said. “It’s been different. Broken-bat hits. Today, it was probably supposed to be no-doubles defense and he gets a double right to the middle of the field. Overall it’s a weird season. It’s tough to figure it out.”

Yost isn’t about to throw anyone under the bus and he knows he may have some decisions to make this season as his focus must shift to 2017 as the Royals wild card chances are all but gone.

“Ultimately, it’s my plan. I’m responsible for my plan, and that was my plan, and it didn’t work,” said Yost. “I don’t make decisions right after the game. I’m going to go home and sleep on it.”