What's growing in your helmet?

What’s growing in your helmet?

I cover a lot of topics today.  For starters, even after watching that impressive comeback by the Denver Broncos last night, I’m picking another team to win the AFC…I’m picking another team to win the AFC West.   Is this your year Kansas City?

I hate the first month of college football.  They teased with a handful of marquee matchups last week, but this is a real snooze fest for week 2.  After going 4-0 in my picks last week, I should have no trouble getting to 7-0.  My can’t miss selections.

The SEC tells Mizzou its time to step up and join the rest of the conference…and oh it’s only going to cost $75 million!

If you’ve played little league baseball or softball or pee-wee football, heck even into high school, you’ve worn someone else’s funky helmet.  After you hear this story, you’ll be running out to buy a new helmet and bleach!

I have some news on Taylor Swift.  Why can’t I have celebrity news in my podcast?

This is the last time I address why Tim Tebow can’t cut it in baseball.