Jordan Harold (photo/Mizzou)

Jordan Harold (photo/Mizzou)

I keep my daily show to 10 minutes or less. OK, today is almost 11 minutes, but I’ve got this great interview included.

In addition to telling your about Jordan Harold, I always try to sprinkle in other topics on my Podcast.

You know how Facebook pops up those memories on your wall?  I had one four years ago from Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel.  Now why would I post a photo of him?  Oh yeah, it was the time he pulled a Tim Tebow pose while getting rained on.  That happened two months before Hurrican Sandy.

Now, every year since the experts try to scare us…and I’m not buying it anymore.

Mizzou football held their first media Q & A before the season opener. Jordan Harold basically told me he couldn’t handle living in a small town.  So he gave up a scholarship to walk-on at Mizzou.  Now he’s a starter.

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