MU Interim Chancellor Dr. Hank Foley is set to deliver a presentation Wednesday morning to the University of Missouri Review Commission in Columbia.

MU Interim Chancellor Hank Foley

MU Interim Chancellor Hank Foley

The Commission meets Wednesday morning at 10 at Mizzou’s General Services Building on East Stadium in Columbia.

Commission member and Columbia radio talk show host Renee Hulshof tells Missourinet that Chancellor Foley is scheduled to deliver a presentation. Hulshof, who graduated from Mizzou’s School of Journalism, says Commission members will also discuss funding.

Governor Jay Nixon (D) withheld $750,000 in state funding for the Commission in July, citing less-than-projected revenue growth for the fiscal year that ended in June. The $750,000 was aimed at providing Commission members with resources from outside staff.

Hulshof says the Commission Wednesday will also discuss coordination of requests to the University of Missouri staff, and will hear reports from their four working groups. They’ll also discuss a possible website for the Commission.

The University of Missouri Review Commission was established under legislation this year from State Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia), who said that the UM System’s future was unclear, without some oversight.

When he announced his four Commission appointments in June, Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard (R-Joplin) said that there was “a lack of leadership at the UM System’s highest level” last year, and that the Commission “will help gain back trust and respect from people across the state.”

Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield chairs the Commission, and former UM System President Gary Forsee is the Vice Chair.