Billy Butler basically double dog dared a teammate. Yo u don't do that.

Billy Butler basically double dog dared a teammate. You don’t do that.

Back in Missouri and this is the second time I’ve been duped into adding satellite radio to my car.  I heard the same Top 40 countdown from 1989 all four days!  However, I have audio from former MTV VJ Nina Blackwood.  Or as I refer to her…Nina Blacklung.

My thoughts on Billy Butler getting knocked out in the Oakland A’s clubhouse?  Not sure he deserved to be punched…but he kind of asked for it, so I don’t have a lot of sympathy.

After our dinner cruise was canceled the other night in Wisconsin, they tried to smooth over the whole ordeal with a cheap $10 gift certificate. Well, they better not cross me, or they can just expect a call from my wife!  No, she wasn’t on the trip, but she’s really good at getting refunds.  I usually end up rolling over and pay more in the end.

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