The major party candidates vying to manage Missouri’s money have vastly different priorities.

Missouri state capitol

Missouri state capitol

The Republican running for state Treasurer is focused on President Obama’s Iran deal.  Senator Eric Schmitt of Glendale has been traveling around Missouri informing residents of a provision in the agreement allowing businesses to engage in transactions with the country.

He says, as treasurer, he’d make sure no tax payer money’s allocated to companies or banks that conduct business with Iran.  “Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism worldwide.  As I get around the state, (I’m) making people aware that we’re going to bolster that policy to ensure that not a single penny of their tax dollars go to anybody doing business with the number one state sponsor of terrorism worldwide, and that’s Iran.”

Former Democratic Missouri House member Judy Baker of Columbia is running against Schmidt.  She says the state already has a policy in place prohibiting investment in state sponsors of terrorism.  “I think he’s just working on a political, playing to people’s fears.”

Baker says she’d work to grow the state’s investments and promote programs such as college savings plans.

Schmitt has already spent money on at least one attack ad. The website shows a photo of the candidate behind the caption “Judy Baker, Missouri’s Obamacare Architect”.  Beneath is an acknowledgement that Schmitt for Missouri paid for the posting.

Baker says she’s in favor of expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, calling it the biggest economic development package the state of Missouri has.