Jim Sterk

Jim Sterk

I’m just curious how this hiring of Jim Sterk as the new athletic director came about? I’m not claiming conspiracy or anything like that, it just seemed like once Sterk met with the decision makers, it happened very fast.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing…sometimes things feel so right that’s there no need to ponder decisions.  At the same time, nobody seems to remember how it all fell into place?

I’ll talk a little about the press conference, and I must touch on Paul McCartney.  A huge event happening in our state tomorrow.

If you were never exposed to the Beatles at a young age (whether on your own, or by fault of your parents) I feel sorry for you.  LOL

I can’t believe I have the opportunity to see a legend, a music icon.  Paul McCartney is playing Busch Stadium on Saturday, where there will be more hits than what the Cardinals were able to muster against the lousy Braves and Reds on this last homestand.  It just better not rain!!!

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