An addition to the city limits sign entering Nixa, Missouri stoked interest and raised eyebrows before it was taken down.

MoDOT Logo 2Someone had posted a professional looking sign with the caption “Home of Jason Bourne” directly below the official signpost listing the town’s population.

Jennifer Williams with the state Transportation Department says the sign may have entertained people, but was also a traffic hazard.  “I think there were several people who had stopped to have their photo taken, or take a selfie with the sign, which I can understand is quite funny, but also quite dangerous alongside a busy road.”

Williams noted MoDOT sent a crew member to go take a look at the placard.  She said the sign was a magnetic strip, which was easily removed.  The agency had been originally concerned someone had drilled into the signpost or caused structural damage.

Williams said the added sign, in addition to being a hazard, was illegal.  “The statutes are pretty clear that there can’t be any signs on the roadway like that that are not official signs, that have not been approved and gone through the process.”

The “Home of Jason Bourne” placard was placed on the city limits sign entering Nixa on Massey Avenue.

In the Robert Ludlum series of novels and films, the fictional Jason Bourne character was born in Nixa, Missouri.  The fifth installment of the movie series is now showing across the country.

Photo of Nixa City Limits sign by Lisa Schwarz