Access Missouri scholarship recipients could qualify for an increase this upcoming school year. Governor Jay Nixon (D) says the maximum award amount for Access Missouri college scholarships will increase by more than 21%. He touted the funding boost during a stop in Joplin.

Governor Jay Nixon (D)

Governor Jay Nixon (D)

“In a knowledge-based economy, the high-growth and high-tech industries of the future need well-educated workers,” Nixon said. “That’s why my administration has made college affordability a top priority, strengthening and expanding our scholarship programs and ensuring Missouri remains a national leader in holding down tuition costs.”

Those attending four-year Missouri schools could get as much as $2,250 and those attending two-year Missouri colleges could receive as much as $1,030. The previous amounts were $1,850 for four-year institutions and $850 for two-year colleges.

Access Missouri is a needs-based scholarship program to help students of low-income families attend a participating Missouri college or university, if the student meets the state Department of Higher Education’s eligibility criteria. Approximately 50,000 students receive an Access Missouri scholarship annually.

The FY2017 budget passed this year by the legislature and signed by the Governor increased funding for Missouri’s scholarship programs, including an additional $4 million for Access Missouri, an additional $2.5 million for A+ Scholarships, and $500,000 for Bright Flight.