OSHA is proposing $105,000 in penalties against Stahl Specialty Company, after a worker was crushed to death in February at a Warrensburg aluminum foundry.

U.S. Department of Labor logo, courtesy of their website

U.S. Department of Labor logo, courtesy of their website

OSHA says the maintenance worker had been with Stahl Specialty Company for 40 years, and that he was fatally crushed in February by a 4,000 pound machine part while performing maintenance inside a sand core machine at the Warrensburg foundry in western Missouri.

OSHA, which is part of the U.S. Labor Department, says their investigation found that Stahl Specialty Company did not use lockout devices and other machine safety procedures to prevent unintentional movement of the part, while the worker was inside the machine. In addition to the proposed penalties, OSHA has cited the company for one repeated and five serious safety violations.

OSHA says the 57-year-old worker died “because his employer failed to follow safety procedures to prevent machine parts from moving during maintenance.” Stahl Specialty Company’s website says it’s one of the largest permanent mold aluminum foundries in the country.

A phone message we left at company headquarters in Kingsville on Thursday afternoon has not been returned yet.