Before it endorsed the Democratic candidate, both major party nominees spoke to the Missouri Farm Bureau Friday in Jefferson City.

Reic Greitens speaks to Missouri Farm Bureau membersRepublican Eric Greitens, a former Navy SEAL addressed what an ethics complaint called the largest political donation in Missouri’s history.

He noted the group which made the donation, SEALS for Truth, represents military personnel.  “The SEALS got together, SEALS and Navel Special Warfare, also SWCC – Special Warfare Combatand-Craft Crewmen.

They got together and they said ‘We’re going to support Eric’.  My understanding is that they followed all of the MEC (Missouri Ethics Committee) and FEC (Federal Election Commission) guidelines. And I’m honored to have fellow SEALS behind me.”

Democrat Chris Koster defended his support of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and criticized state Republicans for refusing Medicaid funding attached to it.

He said “We may not like the way the Affordable Care Act was passed.  But if it is here to stay, then we should hold our nose and take the damn money.”

After vowing to repeal the ACA, Greitens criticized the law’s complexity.  “Why do they make it so complicated” said Greitens.  “One of the reasons why they make it so complicated is because that is where corruption hides.”

Emphasizing his accomplishments on behalf of agriculture interests in the state, Koster proudly spoke of his opposition to environmental regulations imposed by the Obama administration.  “I was the first attorney general in the country to sue Barak Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency over the Waters of the United States rule, and won.”

Both nominees emphasized their conservative values and belief in the right to bear arms.  After hearing both governor candidates speak, the Farm Bureau formally endorsed Chris Koster, marking the first time the group’s backed a Democrat for statewide office.

In a statement, Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst said “Chris Koster has been an important advocate of agriculture as attorney general. He was a major supporter of the Right to Farm Amendment passed in 2014 and has worked hard in securing Missouri farmers’ interest in cases involving the Environmental Protection Agency and California regulations adversely affecting our poultry farmers.”