Missouri’s Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate says Washington must work for Missouri families again.

Jason Kander

Jason Kander

Secretary of State Jason Kander received about 70 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s primary to win the nomination.

“And it’s very clear that Missourians want people who have voluntarily done something in their life that is harder than a re-election campaign. And as a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, I am part of a new generation of leadership that is focused on solutions rather than personal gain, and that’s exactly what Missourians are reacting to,” Kander says.

Kander says Washington is broken, and that new leaders must be elected to fix it. Kander spoke to Missourinet on Wednesday.

“We’re not going to change Washington until we change the people we send there. And we need to focus on middle-class Missourians having a chance in this economy, and we need to focus on making sure that we keep Americans safe. And as a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who is focused on a middle-class tax cut, that’s exactly what I’m going to do as a United States Senator,” Kander says.

Kander is finishing his first term as Secretary of State, and served two terms in the Missouri House. He’ll face Republican Senator Roy Blunt in November. Blunt is seeking his second Senate term.

The Blunt-Kander race is expected to generate national attention.