Missouri Senator Roy Blunt easily won his primary election Tuesday.  Blunt took roughly 72 percent of the vote in a Republican contest which was never in question.

Senator Roy Blunt (R-Missouri)

Senator Roy Blunt (R-Missouri)

The Senator now kicks off a 100 city bus tour across the state where he says he’ll focus on more jobs and less government, and will address health care concerns as well as increasing world food demand.

The tour comes less than a week after polling showed him in a statistical tie with Democratic primary winner Jason Kander.

Blunt says he’s not surprised to be in a tight race.  “You know, there are eight statewide elected officials in our state and only two of us are Republican.  So am I surprised that in an election, you should expect it to be competitive?  Of course not”.

Up until now, Blunt’s seat has been considered a safe bet for Republicans to retain.  He’s says he expects to win in November, but would welcome additional financial support for the national party.  “I know they haven’t placed any money in our state yet, but I’m glad to have all the help I can get.”

Shortly after it his primary victory became official, Blunt addressed concerns over the behavior of his party’s presidential nominee.  He reiterated a previous statement in which he was critical of Donald Trump’s treatment of Muslim parents of a fallen Iraqi War soldier.

“Needlessly fighting with a grieving family over something they say…This is a fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton” said Blunt.  “My view is that that’s where his focus should be.”