St. Louis County has implemented several changes for Tuesday’s statewide primary election. Interim Election Director Christian Tolbert says using paper ballots, electronic voting machines and iPads have helped in trying to avoid the problems that occurred in April’s municipal elections.


No problems reported at St. Louis County polling locations

“We haven’t had any problems. We have plenty of ballots. We are doing very well,” says Tolbert.

More than 60 St. Louis county precincts received incorrect ballots or received too few ballots in April’s municipal elections in St. Louis County.

Tolbert says there wasn’t enough time between the March presidential primary and the April municipal election to reprogram touch voting machines.

Tolbert says the county’s use of iPads at 51 of its precincts is a pilot program that he hopes will become permanent.

“You sign in electronically and it brings the voter right up. It probably cuts the time down to 30-40 seconds for check-in versus a few minutes,” says Tolbert.

He says St. Louis County is one of the last Missouri counties to implement iPad voting.

Other protocol changes this election include storing extra paper ballots on site, instead of at the ballot supplier’s warehouse. Two of the election directors are also signing off on the paper ballot orders.

If any problems surface during the election, Tolbert says poll workers are supposed to contact his office’s call center.

The polls close at 7 p.m. Tuesday.