A Missouri official says work is being done to prevent a repeat of problems from municipal elections earlier this year.

Secretary of State Jason Kander

Secretary of State Jason Kander

In April, 60 precincts in St. Louis County were issued either incorrect or too few ballots for a municipal election.

Secretary of State Jason Kander says the problem occurred at the local level. He claims his office formulated recommendations after state lawmakers, led by Ballwin Republican Shamed Dogan conducted an investigation of the issue.

Kander said “The St. Louis County Board of Elections took full responsibility for that.  As an outside agency, we came in and made recommendations.  Those recommendations have been made available to them.  We’re working with them to try and help make sure they don’t have the same mistake happen again.”

St. Louis County election officials say the problem’s the result of computer glitches and a lack of time between the March Primary and April’s municipal contest.