Clinton delegate Martin Rucker (left) and State Rep. Gina Mitten

Clinton delegate Martin Rucker (left) and State Rep. Gina Mitten

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential pick is being praised by a former Mizzou football star, who’s running for a Missouri House seat.

Martin Rucker is a Clinton delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. He’s also running for the Missouri House, in the Kansas City area. Rucker is excited about Clinton’s decision naming Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate.

“A Rockhurst guy, a Mizzou guy, I think he’ll help her (Clinton) in the state of Missouri and he’ll be a great Vice President,” Rucker says.

Senator Kaine will speak at the Convention Wednesday evening. He graduated from Mizzou in 1979. Rucker, a former All-American tight end, says Kaine brings “a sense of unity.”

“You know that’s what the Democratic Party is, is we’re a party of inclusion, we’re a party that accepts everyone, we’re a party of unity,” Rucker says. “It’s not about hate, it’s not about bigotry, it’s not about kicking people out and all of that. It’s about bringing everyone who’s here together and making everything work for all of us.”

Rucker played at Mizzou from 2004 to 2007. His father, Martin Rucker Sr., served in the Missouri House.

Rucker spoke to Missourinet’s Ashley Byrd at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Arena.