Missouri delegates embrace RNC experience

Missouri delegates embrace RNC experience

Hundreds of delegates are participating at the Republican National Convention this week in Cleveland, including Nick Meyers of Joplin and first-time delegate Jennifer Finch of Kansas City. Missouri has 52 RNC delegates and 49 alternates.

Meyers says he feels “a whole lot better” about Donald Trump — because Trump chose Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate.

“What matters to me most is that we come out of this with a nominee who is for limited government and protects innocent human life. I think that’s where we’re going. That’s Trump and Pence. I believe that,” says Meyers.

Meyers was elected as a Ted Cruz delegate, but he’ll be voting for Trump on the floor this week.

Finch says her expectations were fulfilled the moment she saw the convention floor.

“It was beautiful coming in and seeing the floor and seeing all of the state delegations and state names,” says Finch.

She watched the political conventions on television as a child and says being a delegate at the convention is an emotional experience.

Finch says “just voting” is great, but for her that’s not enough. She likes “being part of the process” of selecting the candidates and getting involved in their campaigns.

“If you wait until November and just vote, that’s great. It’s important to exercise that right but it’s not enough in my opinion,” says Finch. “If you’re not a part of the process, you’re not part of what put that person up for election.”

Finch says the GOP will emerge from this week’s convention as a “unified party.”

The convention runs through Thursday.

Missourinet’s Ashley Byrd and Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson contributed to this story.