University of Central Missouri political scientist Robynn Kuhlmann says Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton before the national conventions relieves anxiety for some.

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders makes remarks during a campaign stop at Affton High School in Affton, Missouri on March 13, 2016. Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI

Former Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

“I think it was a nice strategic move, because there were some individuals who were not necessarily sure where to go,” said Kuhlmann. “It allows individuals to go okay, this is where the party is going. Do I want to stick with it or do I want to leave it?”

While announcing his endorsement, Sanders also ended his presidential run.

“The significance of endorsing Clinton prior to the conventions just kind of releases that pressure valve of uncertainty,” said Kuhlmann.

The Republican National Convention starts Monday and the Democratic National Convention begins July 25.