Rain in the past week has alleviated drought concerns in Missouri, if only for the time being, according to a state climatologist.

Pat Guinan

Pat Guinan

Several periods of rain in the past few days replenished the water table in much of the state, and have come at just the right time for crops according to climatologist Pat Guinan.

“The rains did come. They were badly needed, for corn especially because with this drier spring we had, we had some great opportunities for early spring planting and so corn was beginning to tassel, and that’s a critical period for determining yields at the end of the growing season,” said Guinan.

Before those periods of rain came, Guinan said vegetation was beginning to show signs of struggling.

“Early in the month lawns were green but by the third week of June they’d turned brown, and of course row crops were starting to take a hit, especially corn,” said Guinan.

Guinan says Missouri is actually reaching a point where additional rain could be the problem.

“Pretty much water resources both above and below he ground are now at capacity so there is going to be that potential for more flooding if we do receive more significant rainfall,” said Guinan.

Guinan says rain predicted the rest of this week could bring flooding concerns, then a return to hot, dry conditions is expected next week.