Governor Jay Nixon (D) has taken action on 89 of 149 measures passed this year by the Missouri Legislature. He has until July 15th to veto or sign any remaining bills or let them become law without his action. Some of the key measures awaiting a decision include:

Governor Jay Nixon (D)

Governor Jay Nixon (D)

SB 590: would change Missouri’s sentencing laws for juveniles guilty of first-degree murder. The state’s sentencing laws are unconstitutional because of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that says two sentencing options must be available for juvenile murderers. The measure would allow either a 25-year or life without parole sentence for those under 18.

SB 607: would let the state hire a company to confirm that people getting Medicaid are actually eligible for it. The company the state hires would flag those it thinks aren’t eligible but the Department of Social Services would make final decisions.

HB 1631: would require the state to pay for a photo ID and supporting documentation, like a birth certificate, for anyone that doesn’t have a photo ID to vote.  Those without photo ID could still vote if they sign a document and provide a utility bill or paycheck. Nixon could veto it but both chambers passed it with enough votes to overturn him.

A resolution passed by the Legislature will go to voters in November that would ask Missourians if an ID should be required to vote.  The bill only takes effect if Missourians approve the resolution.  The Secretary of State’s office certified the ballot language for that resolution Wednesday.

SB 588: would allow those convicted of certain crimes in Missouri to have their records sealed seven years after completing their sentence for a felony or three years for a misdemeanor. Dangerous felonies, violent crimes, domestic assault and sexual offenses would not be eligible. Under the measure, law enforcement and prosecutors still could get those records.