Missouri’s Republican hopefuls for Governor participated in a debate Monday night in Maryland Heights. They all say they support Donald Trump for President, but Catherine Hanaway is the only one who would say that she’d campaign for him if he visits Missouri.

Missouri's 2016 candidates for governor: Chris Koster (D), Catherine Hanaway (R), Peter Kinder (R), Eric Greitens (R), and John Brunner (R)

Missouri’s 2016 candidates for governor: Chris Koster (D), Catherine Hanaway (R), Peter Kinder (R), Eric Greitens (R), and John Brunner (R)

“Unlike Hillary Clinton, he’s not for amnesty, he’s not for abortion on demand, he doesn’t want to take away second amendment rights, he’s going to appoint conservatives to the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Hanaway.

Peter Kinder doesn’t agree with some of Trump’s statements, but says nobody is perfect.

“I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it,” said Kinder. “If I’m not scheduled somewhere else I might.”

Eric Greitens is also undecided about campaigning for Trump.

“We’ll cross that bridge when it comes,” said Greitens. “Where we are 100% united, is that Hillary Clinton can’t be the President.”

John Brunner says Trump should campaign for him.

“I’ll support the Republican nominee. That’s the principal of this party, but I don’t support all of what Mr. Trump has to say. He seems to say an awful lot,” said Brunner.

In one of his recent campaign stops, Trump mentioned the Show-Me state, and not in a positive way. He alleged that Ferguson is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

The candidates also say the University of Missouri is hurting and must improve. Their comments are in response to last year’s protests on campus over racial issues and leadership resignations that followed.

Kinder says some major donors wanted Mizzou’s budget cut to show their disapproval for the way leaders handled last fall’s turmoil.

“The passage of time since November has not made it better,” said Kinder. “They are adrift. They are not getting the message.”

Brunner disagrees with those who wanted Mizzou’s budget cut.

“I agree that accountability is clear. You can’t cut your way to prosperity,” said Brunner. “Slashing and cutting budget do not solve problems.”

Hanaway says the university must stop spending on unnecessary items.

“We just hired another new Chief Executive Officer of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity for $235,000 a year,” said Hanaway.

Greitens says the university must focus on its strengths.

“You focus on cutting administrative costs and investing in quality research and quality teaching,” said Greitens.

The candidates covered a number of other topics, including tax incentives for businesses, the need for “right to work” legislation and the state’s crime rate.

The debate was co-sponsored by Fox 2 in St. Louis, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Fox 4 in Kansas City.

John Brunner is a businessman and former Marine, Peter Kinder is Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor, Hanaway is a former Missouri House speaker and U.S. attorney and Eric Greitens is a former Navy SEAL and founder of a Missouri non-profit aimed at helping veterans.

Attorney General Chris Koster is the only Democrat seeking the nomination for Governor.