More than 100 state lawmakers have signed a letter to President Obama, expressing opposition to his directive for transgender student bathroom use. Obama’s directive allows transgender students to use the bathroom matching their gender identity. Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R) issued the letter and says the demand is unconstitutional and the President has threatened to take federal funding away from schools that don’t comply.

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder

“That’s the threat that they’ve made explicit.  They haven’t left any doubt that they want to tie this to funding and yank the funding,” said Kinder. “I was proud of my counterpart in Texas who said that Texas was prepared to forego the federal funding. The problem is that local schools throughout our state become dependent on federal funding. That is a pitfall for taking it at all.”

Kinder says the President’s demand is a federal overreach.

“This is an unconstitutional and illegal action by the President. He does not make law under our system. Congress makes the law,” said Kinder. “The President doesn’t make law like a South American dictator by his decree. It invades responsibilities that are solely the province of state government and local officials. I’m comfortable with the decisions that local officials would make.”

At least eleven states are suing the Obama administration contesting the policy. Missouri is not one of those states.