The Columbia Police Department has its first-ever liaison to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Officer Clint Sinclair says a recent conversation with a deputy chief led him to research the idea.

Officer Clint Sinclair, Photo courtesy of Columbia Police

Officer Clint Sinclair, Photo courtesy of Columbia Police

“It’s important for both the community and the officers to communicate and interact and have an open relationship, so that we can better serve the public,” said Sinclair.

He says members of the LGBT community are part of the public, and need help from police just like anyone else.

“What it boils down to is they’re a citizen, and we have to provide them with a service.”

Sinclair will also train his fellow officers on LGBT issues and will speak to LGBT groups and represent the Department at some of their events.

Sinclair will continue his day-to-day work with the DWI unit.

Kansas City and St. Louis Police Departments also have LGBT liaisons.

Brad Tregnago, KSSZ, contributed to this story.