Governor Jay Nixon (D) is being asked by Representative Jim Neely (R-Cameron) to grant clemency and pardon a Missouri man who has been a registered sex offender for more than twenty years. Earnest Leap’s son, Brodie, says his mother pressured him to say he was molested by his father. The couple were in the midst of a custody court battle over their two children.  Brodie withdrew that story later.

Rep. Jim Neely asks Governor Nixon to grant clemency and pardon Earnest Leap

Rep. Jim Neely asks Governor Nixon to grant clemency and pardon Earnest Leap

“The day my dad comes off the registry is the day I no longer have to wake up with the guilt that this happened because of my accusation at the prompting of my mother,” said Leap.

Leap pled no contest with the promise that the record would be removed in three years, but in 1994 a federal law formed public sex offender registries and Leap was added.

His other son, Joshua, recalls living with their mother and being treated poorly by her.

“It’s astounding the fact that my mother was able to weaponize her kids during a divorce proceeding and was so effective. If I can help restore my dad’s name, that gives me some solace in the life I had to live to get this point,” said Leap.

Rep. Neely delivered a letter to Nixon, with signatures from several lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, requesting clemency and a pardon be grant.

“The person who is abused is a child, who is now an adult and saying it never happened. The proof is in the pudding. The boy ended up growing up with his dad,” said Neely.

Leap says he wants to go about his daily life like all other free citizens. He wants to hunt, go to the park with his family and attend functions that his family members participate in.

The Governor has the authority to grant reprieves and pardons and to commute sentences for convictions of all offenses except for treason and impeachment.