A proposal to ask Missourians whether the state’s fuel tax should be increase to pay for roads and bridges is on its way to the full state House.

Rep. Joe Adams (D-University City)

Rep. Joe Adams (D-University City)

University City Democrat Joe Adams was glad to see the proposal advance but calls it a “band aid.”

“I hope that this is a step forward, that we will start doing more to rebuild our infrastructure in this state so Missouri can be the economic engine it should be, that we are denying it its opportunity to be,” said Adams.

If approved by voters, the measure would increase the 17-cent fuel tax by 5.9-cents. Another House committee has added two provisions to the bill that would increase the tax on natural gas used in vehicles, and on any fuels used in vehicles in the future. If those aren’t removed, House passage would send it back to the Senate to consider the changes. The session ends Friday.

Leadership in the House Republican majority caucus does not favor a tax increase to fund transportation infrastructure.