A new online map has been launched that allows Missourians to view financial information, including property tax rates and audits, for taxing districts by county. State Auditor Nicole Galloway says her office has been working on the Show-Me Local Government Map for several months.

Show-Me Local Government Map

Show-Me Local Government Map

“If there’s public dollars at play, like property taxes or what have you, then citizens deserve transparency and they deserve to know how much they are being charged for property taxes. This aggregates it by county so you can see in one place what you’re being charged,” said Galloway.

Missouri’s 6,000 special taxing districts are made up of 30 different types of local government entities, including counties, cities, school districts and other special taxing districts like water, fire and ambulance protection districts.

Galloway says getting financial information at the local level can be difficult and having the information at your fingertips is convenient.

“The Auditor’s office receives a lot of information about local entities. We receive financial information, budgets and audits,” said Galloway. “To put these all in one place as a resource for citizens to be able to find out information about their local governments, I think that’s important.”

The map can be found on the State Auditor’s website: auditor.mo.gov.