The FDA’s Veterinary Feed Directive rule says no meat from food-producing animals with drugs in their system is allowed in the food chain. Southeast Missouri Congressman Jason Smith has introduced a bill to repeal the rule. He calls it ridiculous and an unnecessary burden.

Congressman Jason Smith (R-Missouri)

Congressman Jason Smith (R-Missouri)

“You know, some has predicted to cause 130,000 hours of added burden on farmers, veterinarians and feed store dealers. It’s just unacceptable,” said Smith.

He says the requirement is an overreach by the current administration.

“Our country has lasted for several hundred years without having to have a prescription to give your livestock penicillin,” said Smith.

Smith, who’s from a family of cattle ranchers, says the requirement will cost consumers more for meat.

He also noted a shortage of veterinarians in rural Missouri and throughout rural America.

Julie Harker of Brownfield Ag News contributed to this story.