Missouri farmers have planted their corn faster than the rest of the nation. Missouri farmers are done or close to being done planting, which is earlier than normal. Robert Alphers farms near the North central Missouri town of Prairie Home. He is not used to getting done so early.

Robert Alpers

Robert Alpers

“We finished the earliest in history that I can ever remember,” said Alpers.  “We planted our last field I believe it was on the 16th of April and a lot of times we’re just maybe getting started then.”

Some Missouri farmers will delay soybean planting this year, in hopes of avoiding sudden death syndrome, which is a fungus that can grow from too much moisture.

“We had a chance to go ahead and plant in mid-April, but we decided to hold off, and I think as soon as it dries up again, if and when, we’re going to go ahead and start,” said Alpers.

He hopes to start planting in early May.

Tom Steever of Brownfield Ag News contributed to this story.