Chiefs GM John Dorsey believes there is value in the 2nd--4th rounds of the draft

Chiefs GM John Dorsey believes there is value in the 2nd–4th rounds of the draft

The Kansas City Chiefs traded their first round pick to the San Francisco 49ers to gain additional picks within the first 100 players that will be selected in the early rounds of the NFL Draft.

The Chiefs traded the 28th overall pick and a seventh-round pick to for the 49ers second (No. 37 overall), fourth (No. 105 overall) and sixth-round (No. 178 overall) picks.

When the draft started, the Chiefs had two picks in the top 125.  They’ll now enter day two of the draft with three selections from 37 to 105.

“Well, it gives you a shot at real players. That’s kind of what it does. It gives you options and shots and real players,” said GM John Dorsey late Thursday night. “Again, you target the draft, you think it’s into the second, third and fourth round, so now you have accumulated more picks. So, let’s go work it now.”


1st round TRADED TO 49ERS (28 overall)
2nd round Pick No. 37 overall
Pick No. 59 overall
4th round Pick No. 105 overall
Pick No. 126 overall
5th round Pick No. 162 overall (from Seattle)
Pick No. 165 overall
6th round Pick No. 178 overall
Pick No. 203 overall
7th round TRADED TO 49ERS (249 overall)