Jakeenan Gant (Mizzou Athletics)

Jakeenan Gant (Mizzou Athletics)

Statement from Mizzou Men’s Basketball coach Kim Anderson

“Shortly after the season, Jakeenan and I sat down to discuss his future with Missouri Basketball,  At that time and several other times, he confirmed his commitment to our program. In the past few weeks, his mother has developed a medical condition that necessitates his return closer to home to continue his educational and athletic pursuits. While disappointed, we certainly support his decision. Jakeenan has been a joy to coach these past two years and all of us, coaches, teammates and staff wish him the best. We will do all we can to help in his transition.”

Statement from Jakeenan Gant

“My time at Mizzou has been great and Coach Anderson and his staff really helped me develop as a player and person these past two seasons. I’ll miss Columbia, but feel the need to make a move with my family and mother in mind. I want nothing but the best for Mizzou in the future and appreciate the friendships I’ve made in my time here.”