Senate Democrats say Republicans wouldn’t compromise this session on a proposed constitutional amendment involving same-sex marriages, but Minority Leader Joe Keaveny (D-St. Louis) hopes they will on proposed voter photo ID legislation.  It’s an issue that creates a strong divide between Democrats and Republicans – so much of a divide that Democrats have already threatened a filibuster.

Sens. Joe Keaveny and Will Kraus

Sens. Joe Keaveny and Will Kraus

“I think that both sides have seen that when you have a controversial bill, it needs to be vetted, it needs to be discussed and there has to be some push and take. With SJR 39, none of that happened,” said Keaveny.

Keaveny said early voting, automatic voter registration or providing other types of ID could be part of a compromise on voter photo ID.

Senator Will Kraus (R-Lee’s Summit), who’s running for Secretary of State, is carrying House proposals that would develop the structure for voter photo ID and would ask voters to change the state constitution to allow that requirement.

“This is a priority for the majority of us. I think that everybody knew that it was something we wanted to get done this year,” said Kraus.  “I’m always willing to sit down and talk to the other side about how we can move forward and accomplish our goals. I understand that they may not be willing to do too much on it but understanding their issues and what their concerns are and see if we can overcome some of their concerns.”

Senators are on spring break this week but plan to consider voter photo ID later this session.