The state House and Senate have a restraining order against a man who has been sexually harassing interns and employees of the legislature.

David Poger as House staff said he has most recently appeared, wearing a beard.

David Poger as House staff said he has most recently appeared, wearing a beard.

The court-issued order is against David Poger. An e-mail to House staff says anyone who sees Poger within 1,000 feet of the Capitol or garages should contact the Capitol Police.

An online resume for Poger lists him as a Senior Political Director for Congressman William Lacy Clay from March 2011 through this month, but Clay’s Communications Director Steven Engelhardt says that is fraudulent.

“He has never worked for the Congressman in any capacity,” Engelhardt told Missourinet.

That same profile lists Poger since 2001 as the Senior Managing Director for Public/Private Sector Strategies (PPSS), a firm in St. Louis.  Calls there go to voicemail.

Poger is not listed as a lobbyist.

See the complaints filed against Poger

See the General Assembly’s filing in the Cole County Circuit Court

An intern for a state representative says Poger attempted to talk to her despite her attempts to politely decline and leave. She says he approached her several times, including in the side gallery of the House, and asked her to lunch. After that he kept his distance but winked at her. She said these instances made her feel uncomfortable.

Poger was reported to another House staffer who said Poger was seen walking in a “predatory” fashion around interns in the Capitol Rotunda.

The filing in Cole County Circuit Court says Poger has been told by phone of the restraining order.

The House and Senate, in making its case to the court for the restraining order, said, “the General Assembly has a responsibility to protect its employees and interns from sexual harassment.” Both chambers in the last few months have instituted new sexual harassment policies and their members and staff have undergone sexual harassment training.