A Moberly resident’s “hobby” has resulted in a call to the Highway Patrol’s bomb squad.

Bomb hole photo

Authorities dug a hole in a baseball field in Moberly’s Fox Park to put the material in and detonate it.  Photo courtesy; Eric Field

The above was the sound last night in a park in Moberly when authorities detonated an explosive material that, they’re told, some residents made for a hobby.  The blast was heard shortly before 7 p.m.

Update:  Residents say a second detonation was heard later in the evening.

It was determined to be too volatile to move it out of the neighborhood, so a robot was used to take it to the nearby park and put it in a hole where it was blown up. The explosion was reportedly heard more than a mile away.

No charges will be filed against the hobbyists since no property was damaged and the material wasn’t weaponized.

J.B. Connoley and Dan Patterson, KWIX, contributed to this story