The state auditor has expanded her review of the state’s colleges and universities.

State Auditor Nicole Galloway

State Auditor Nicole Galloway

Last year Nicole Galloway’s office launched a review of the Department of Higher Education and of the state’s performance-based funding for higher education, and those continue. Now it’s looking at the affordability of all universities that get state funding, and of the administration of the University of Missouri system.

“So that’s four audits related to higher education in Missouri, because our public colleges and universities must be transparent and accountable to Missouri families,” said Galloway. “It’s an investment that students make in themselves and I value that. It helps our economy. It’s an investment that families make. It’s an investment that we, as taxpayers, make.”

The audit of college affordability will study compliance with a state law that limits tuition increases based on tuition. Galloway said taking a broad look across all state-backed institutions will offer better perspective at how they are following that law.

“I think that we’ll be able to see some comparables across the state. We’ll be able to see how governing boards are making decisions that effect how students and taxpayers are paying for higher education,” said Galloway.

The audit of the administration of the University of Missouri System will review spending and policies as administered by the UM System President and the Board of Curators. Some state lawmakers had been calling for a thorough audit of the MU System, but Galloway says this is the right place to be looking now.

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“We’re starting at the top. How decisions are made at the top effect students across the entire state, so that’s where our audit starts,” said Galloway.