Marvin Terry (photo/Dallas Co. Jail)

Marvin Terry (photo/Dallas Co. Jail)

Somehow people will try to pin this as another Mizzou football screw up when it really isn’t.   Here’s the lowdown.

Marvin Terry is a defensive end from South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas, who gave a verbal commitment to Missouri a couple of months ago.  Back in early January, police responded to a call by a victim who alleged she was assaulted by Terry.  He and the victim have a child together.  The victim was treated by Dallas Fire-Rescue Department and was released on the scene. Terry was later arrested on a warrant and is begin held on $34,500 bond.

Guess that helps explain why his letter of intent never arrived at Mizzou?   Per NCAA bylaws, head coach Barry Odom could not comment on Terry since the letter didn’t arrive.

Terry had scholarship offers from Mizzou, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas Tech, TCU, Louisville and Miami.

Regardless of how this case turns out or gets resolved, Odom did the right thing by cutting ties.  Let this kid become Oklahoma’s problem and move on.  So, before Terry even made bail, Mizzou did.

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