Harry Caray, when he announced in St. Louis

Harry Caray, when he announced in St. Louis

Mention Harry Caray’s name and most people now will associate Will Ferrell’s horrible imitation with the great broadcaster.  Perhaps you may even be saying to yourself, why do we have an article on Missourinet.com on a former Cubs announcer?  Ahh, young one you have much to learn.

Caray got his baseball broadcasting start at KMOX in St. Louis calling Cardinals game in 1945 until 1969.  After one season in Oakland, Caray moved onto the Southside of Chicago and became the White Sox TV announcer until 1982 when he took over the Cubs’ calls on WGN until his death following the 1997 season.

This month marks the 18th anniversary of Caray’s death.  His life and career will be covered in MLB Network’s documentary series, “MLB Network Presents.” The premiere of the one-hour “Holy Cow! The Story of Harry Caray” airs tonight at 8 p.m. CT.

Here’s a clip of Caray calling Stan Musial’s final at-bat.

“Holy Cow” includes interviews with Braves broadcaster and Harry’s grandson, Chip Caray, and Harry’s widow, Dutchie Caray, plus baseball broadcasters Joe Buck, Bob Costas, Pat Hughes, Tim McCarver, Steve Stone and Rick Sutcliffe.

“He was just a really good baseball announcer,” Buck said in the film as reported by MLB.com. “I think that kind of gets lost in the creation that’s been this Harry Caray character.”

Watch tonight, you’ll gain an appreciation for just how good the man was at his craft.